ETO Sterilizer


Being counted as one of the best ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer-It is a chemical process consisting of four primary variables gas concentration, humidity, temperature and time. Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer is highly effective sterilizing equipment and perfect for heat sensitive tools and devices as it uses only ethylene oxide gas for sterilizing the substances and does not entail high temperature processing. EO Sterilization guarantees that a safe and sterile product will be delivered to the market every time.

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

ETO is an effective sterility at low temperature with excellent penetration properties under controlled conditions. EO Sterilization is a ideal and widely practiced method of sterilization. Being a cold process, it has low influence on physical characteristics of most products. During the process of Sterilization, ETO offers flexibility in terms of, wide range of compatible films and packaging material; this is entirely customer-convenience-dependant. ETO Sterilization can be done by varied techniques like Steam sterilization, Radiation, E beam, Gaseous and Chemical sterilization.

The product offered by us satisfies the need of clinics, hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers who require a sterilizing facility for heat-sensitive items which would otherwise be smashed by high temperatures, pressures, or vacuums.